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February Crud

I have been suffering from my annual February crud for the past several days and so have had plenty of time to lie on the couch and observe the world. Friends, I do not like what I have observed. We have become a country of morons, idiots, fools, rubes, dolts and worst of all, non-thinkers. We get up eat our shitty breakfast or don’t, fight with 100,000 other idiots on crumbling roads to go our shitty jobs, collect our shitty pay, fight our way back to our shitty house, eat our shitty diner, watch four hours of shitty what passes for entertainment, get into our shitty beds and get five to six hours of sleep. Which is not enough to sustain an adult and keep us healthy. We are the most sleep deprived country in the world.

So we go to our doctor and he gives us a drug to help us sleep that will create so many other side effects that we will need more drugs to counteract the first drug. That train just keeps rolling, because we have been trained to trust and believe our doctors. We are the most drugged up country in the world. Why is that? Well, a docile and drugged society is an easily controlled society. Big Pharma has us where they want us, giving them the money.

Really why do you think that drugs are such an issue in this country? Did you know that J. Edgar Hoover allowed drugs into this country because he thought that only the black population would use them? He believed it would keep them quiet and therefore easier to control. Think about it. Oh sorry you can’t think, you have been dumbed down by the education system, the entertainment industry, the politicians and the preachers. You have been taught not to think, what the hell do you think Common Core is? Oh sorry, the thinking thing again. You have been taught to react, and we do. We react to crime statistics, hate filled speeches of politicians, fear based sermons from the preachers, and both fear and loathing from the media. But do we think about what these sources are actually telling us? No we react to the message.

Illegal drugs are bad, put people in prison. Prisons which are more and more owned by private corporations which make money off of the people in the cells. The war on drugs is paying off, for the guys who own the prisons.

The government is coming to take your guns! We are up in arms, literally, about this stupid idea. The government does not want to take your guns. You wanna know why? Because if you retain your guns, you feel you are somehow empowered. You think with whatever puny firearms you process you can actually hold off tanks, missiles and drones. We have been warned Obama is coming to take our guns for the past seven years, I still have my guns and so do you. Do the math. Oh sorry, that thinking thing again.

The plus here is that as long as we have guns, we can be constantly stirred up about losing them. We can argue with each other about having them and vowing to give them up only when they are pried from our cold dead hands. We can be stirred up to believe Obama (or whoever) is going to take them away. This stupid round robin argument keeps us busy so we don’t see what the hell is really going on.

We weep over poor, little dead babies. Let me clarify; not little dead babies who have never taken a breath on their own. No, I am talking about fetuses. Fetuses which have the potential to become human babies if any one of a million things don’t go wrong in the nine months of gestation. Fetuses which are basically a collection of cells that leech life off the mother who is carrying said fetus. We scream and yell and picket and vote against a women who wants control of her own body. We must save the tiny, potential humans. We vote for morons who promise to repeal Roe v. Wade. They have been promising this for the last 50 years and have not yet managed to do so. You want to know why? The arguing among ourselves keeps us busy so we don’t pay attention to what is really going on.

There is a reality show on right now, its call the election. We watch a constant parade of idiots who rant and rave and fight with each other like a bunch of five year olds squabbling over a cookie. They stir the fear in us of “The Other”; blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Asians, in short anyone who is not white. They stir the fear of “The Other” coming across our borders and killing and raping and robbing us. We are constantly subjected to this bullshit and we cower in our beds over it. You know why? So we don’t pay attention to what is really going on.

We have become a population of fear ridden cowardly, drugged up, idiots. We can be controlled. As long as we have something to fear, then we can be manipulated. We can join in lock step against whatever the hell it is we fear. It worked beautifully for Hitler. The Jews were the enemy, the ones who would destroy life as the Germans knew it. But you know who else Hitler sent to the gas chambers? Free thinkers, the ones who dared to question.

Now it’s the, fill in the blank, who are going to destroy life as we know it. As long as we are scrambling around hating “The Other”, fearing some new Armageddon, being told there are no jobs so we keep our noses to the grindstone for our current bosses, being terrorized by the terrorists, getting inoculations for the new plague of the week, then we don’t have the ability to see what the hell is really going on.

So what is going on? We have been dumbed down in our education so that we do not ask questions, do not look under the rocks and do not think. We are being taught the new math, which is a series of nonsensical moves which never give you a real answers. 4 and 4 is always 8, always in all the multi-verses that exist. But not if you are trained in common core. It is mindlessly moving the shells around and giving you busy work which has no purpose. The true purpose of education in this country is to create a population that does what it is told to do without question. We simply stand in line, quietly, and do what we are told. You think that’s bullshit, really, go try to get a driver’s license renewed. A population that is taught, trained to stand in line and ask no questions is a population that can be controlled. It is a population which will send its young people to war without the blink of an eye. It is a population which will believe what the trusted government tells it.

Obama was correct when he said we cling to our guns and our god. We do. It makes us feel safe. We cling to any politician or preacher who reinforces our ideas too. We sing the praises of politicians who promise they will keep us safe, outlaw abortion, gays, same sex marriage, and kill the terrorists. We love the ones who promise to make America great again! Really and when was that? Was it when we killed Native Americans and stole their land? Or was it when we went to war with Mexico so we could steal some of their land? Was it when we sent our young people to war in Korea, the war no one remembers, so we could stop the Red Menace? Maybe it was Viet Nam where we went in to save the people of Viet Nam from the Commies? Or was it any of the dozens and dozens of war we as a nation have been engaged in since our inception? Was it when we incarcerated people in camps during WWII simply because they had slanty eyes? Was it when we built and filled the ghettoes with people of color? Was it when we turned a blind eye to the young person who fought our war and needed help to recover from the horrors of it? Was it when we allowed a cover up of rape and abuse on our college campuses in the name of sports and donations and privilege? Was it when we ignored the poisoning of an entire city of poor, mostly black, citizens by the state government? This poisoning happened by the way, not to save money but to force the privatization of the water systems for PROFIT. Was it when we ignored what was left of the Native population and condemned them to flounder on worthless land without enough water to sustain life? Or was it when we found something of value on their lands and then stole them again to reap the rewards? Was it when we allowed our industry to be moved overseas and left our cities and our citizens without jobs or hope all for profit? I could go on.

Oh this is not to say this country has not had moments of greatness, we have. I also believe we have the potential to have more not just moments of greatness, but a sustained and golden age. We as humans have such abilities within us. We must realize it, reach for it, and stretch our own horizons in order to achieve it.

We must not give in to fear. We must not hate, MUST not. If you hate then you can be controlled. Look at our present political situation. No one, almost no one, tells us what they will actually do for us, just what they will prevent from happening. Why do you think poor people constantly vote for the very ones who will keep them poor? Because the guys in charge have figured out if they tell us who to fear and who to hate, then we will vote for them. Damn near no one who is running for office gives a rat’s fart about you, what you need or want or even who you are. They care about power and money. That’s it, that’s all. We dumbasses just keep voting them back into office. They keep stealing our money and pissing on our heads and telling us it’s raining.

How about if we elect the least obnoxious person running instead of the person who says the worst thing possible about other people and stirs our hatred? How about if we do the homework and find out what the person running for office has actually done and who is pulling the strings? How about if we give a fiver to the homeless guy on the corner instead of donating to a corporation or megachurch that will use that money to line their own pockets and give maybe 5% to the poor? How about if we start seeing god in our fellow humans and realize that most of are just trying to make it? How about if we let women make their own decisions? How about if we actually worry about educating our young? How about if we teach people that forcing another human to do anything they don’t want to do is wrong? How about if we start giving a damn about each other instead of damning each other?

You have to realize it isn’t the government which is the enemy, or blacks, or gays, or woman, or terrorists, or Muslims, or Jews or Catholics, it is the overlords who run everything, the ones who have most of the money. You know the guys who make the guns and so must send us to war. The ones who need billions of mindless drones who will do the work, fight the wars, bring in the harvest, work for pennies and never complain about any of it. That’s because we are too damned busy complaining about gay marriage, birth control, and brown people. Give a person something to hate and you control that person. Give the same person something to fear and you own that person from cradle to grave.

The 1% is real. Do you know there are people who have gold faucets in their bathrooms? Not golden ones, or ones painted to look like gold. No they have actually gold. They have gold faucets and hand painted toilets in their crappers while you struggle to pay the water bill. Why is that? Did they work harder than you, are they more deserving, does god love them more? No. They have figured out how to make money off the backs of others. The CEO of a company does not make 1000 time what the workers make because he works harder and he earns it. But because he convinces the guy on the assembly line that is true. When in point of fact the guy with the gold toilet could not have that gold toilet without the guy on the assembly line. You really have no idea how the 1% lives, because if you did, you would be in the streets with pitchforks and torches.

It’s really important to the overlords that we are dumb, work too hard for too little money, take too many drugs, fear everything, and hate everyone because that keeps us in check. We don’t have time to really investigate what is going on, we rely on the media to tell us. We don’t have the energy to get pissed off and do anything about the state of the world. We don’t have the balls to sharpen the pitch forks and light the torches.

It is time to wake up. Take a real look at who is running for President. Take god, abortion, guns, the Bible and hatred out of the equation and look at what else they are saying, promising and preaching. You will find out that most of them are saying nothing of substance.  The presidential race is nothing but a dog and pony show, bread and circuses to keep us distracted.

If you wake up and decide to create change, start on a local level. State with your council or alderman, elect the ones who will work to make things better. Throw out the ones who won’t. Don’t elect anyone on a local level who takes outside money from anyone. Move up from there to the legislator, to the US reps and senators. Elect the ones who will do what we the people want, the ones who are accountable to us. Those people work for us! They are supposed to vote as we tell them to vote, not how the overlords tell them to vote. Work to get big money out of politics, repeal Citizens United, do not re-elect anyone who does not do as we demand. It is time we put a little fear into them, don’t you think?

Wake up, get mad but this time get mad at those who manipulate us, use us, and kill us. It is time for a revolution in this country. I would like to see it done at the ballot box. I would like to see it down without bloodshed. I would like to see it done in an orderly manner. But to do that we must pull together. We must understand we have a common enemy and it is not the one that we have been taught is the enemy. It is not the Yellow Menace or the Red Menace or the Commies, or the terrorists, no is the 1%, the overlords, the ones who control all the money. Think about this, if instead of the great bail out, every man, woman and child and been given $100,000 each, what would have happened? Just think about it. If you do you will understand why such a thing could not be allowed to happen. It would have put us in control of our own destiny. What you think $100,000 could not change the world? If everyone had been given $100,000 instead of the banks, the auto industry and the insurance companies, we would have paid off our bills, bought the things we had been wanting, started new businesses and been kinder to each other because a huge portion of our fears had been alleviated. Instead we allowed the rich to pay each other even more money and we are still pecking at crumbs. Oh I know many of us who have died of drug overdoses or spent all the money on wine, women and song. But most of us would not have.

Stop worrying about what your neighbor is doing, what he believes, who he has sex with, as long it isn’t children and little furry animals, it ain’t none of your damn business. Start worrying about why we are being lied too on a daily basis about damn near everything. Trust no one, question everything and stop fighting with each other. Time to unite against the common enemy, the ones who control us.





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