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Love is…

We need to come together as ONE,
one people, one soul, one consciousness,
one purpose, one song

Every day we are inundated with pictures of horror from all over the world. Wars, suicide bombings, sniper shootings, missing children, it is almost too much for the human mind to contemplate. Enough countries have the nuclear bomb to make life on this planet end with a fireball. There are plenty of countries and groups that can do a lot of damage without nuclear capability. It’s scary out there.

What can we do? We’re not helpless. We humans are capable of creating reality with our own minds, and we can create bad or good. So knowing this, we must believe that the negative energy of our planet can be changed.

We might not united by our common beliefs, but we don’t have to be in order to make the world better. Indeed there are over seven billion people on this planet, and we believe many different things. But know this, every person on this planet has an energy that sustains them. Some call it spirit, some call it a soul, some call it chi, there are many different names. What ever you call it, most of us are aware that there energy that is in each of us.  We may even be aware that the same energy is in all of us. This energy is Deity. Each one of the more than six billion people on this planet are all expressions of Deity, expressions of the All. Each of us is connected to the other seven billion humans on this planet because we share this same energy, this same spirit, this one song. This energy is love. The Universe is made of it, runs on it.  Love is in you, the blood that runs in your veins, the grass and trees, the stardust in our sky. If we all join together and pump love into the very air we breathe, what will happen?  I don’t know, but I think that it will be something wonderful.  We may not see big changes, but we will see change. We might all come to realize that we are all one. We might come to recognize the Deity within ourselves and realize that everyone else contains the same Deity. We might come to react to Divinity in others with love. We might remember all things come from love. We might come to know in the core of our beings we all share the same energy, and we might be kinder to each other. We might come to believe because of this connection, you are me and I am you. If we realize this truth then how can I harm you or you me?  To do so would diminish ourselves. We might come to realize the Divine energy in me is the same Divine energy which is in you, and because of it, we are brothers and sisters. Then Black, white, red, yellow, male, female, old, young, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, and Pagan, gay, straight are all distinctions that lose their importance. We might come to believe the soul within is the only real consideration. Maybe we will think before we speak, maybe we will show more compassion, maybe we will be more forgiving.  Maybe all the people with guns will decide not to use them.  Maybe peace is possible on this earth.

The changes might not be so big or wondrous.  But maybe, just maybe, the neighbor that is unfriendly will smile at you for a change, or maybe you won’t flip off the guy who cuts you off in traffic. It is a start. We can create change. Let’s create change for the better. Because there is strength in numbers, the more people who participate, the better. Just send love out every day.

It might also help you realize who and what you are, you are God.

Know that you are blessed.


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