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Caveat Emptor

I have something stuck in my craw that has been stuck there for quite some time. Charlatans, posing as psychics, that convince their victims there is a curse on them, and then milk the client for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Now I have been in the psychic business for over twenty years, I am damn good at it and have even been voted Nashville’s Best Tarot Reader, my client list is long and stellar. I have read for thousands of people. In those twenty years I have rarely ever found that a person who came to me actually had a curse or a hex on them. Folks it just don’t happen, at least not with any great degree of frequency. It’s like worrying that you are gonna get Ebola, the odds are very good you won’t. Frankly the odds are better that you will get killed by a terrorist or hit by a meteor or struck by lightning.

Most of the time when a person comes to visit a psychic, they have some sort of a problem. They are worried, or scared or sad. They want help. Those people are sitting ducks for the unscrupulous. So they come to the psychic, who in a mysterious voice tells them what the problem is; ( Que the bad lighting, creepy room and voice of doom)…”You have a curse on you.” The customer believes this claptrap  because after all, life is currently sucking very much and bad things keep happening and there is no logical answer. Right? Wrong. The logical answer to a run of bad luck is not that you have a curse on you. Sometimes back luck happens, and we get pissed and depressed and like attracts like. We keep emphasizing that life sucks, we can’t catch a break and things just won’t get better. We keep putting it out to the Universe that things are terrible, and they just keep being terrible. Not because there is a curse, but because we are continuing to speak it, concentrating on the negative, creating it, and bringing it to us. Energy goes where thought flows. What you speak you create. Really. Why do you think that in all the old stories and legends, the magician used “Magic Words”? Because words are powerful.

But the faux psychic (I dislike using the word psychic for anyone who takes advantage of people) convinces you there is a curse and that is why you lost your job, got evicted, your car broke down and you boyfriend ran off with your best friend. Of course that is the answer, so you pay the psychic for prayers on your behalf, candles burned in your name, an oil concoction to wear and so forth and so on. Sometimes, you pay for the psychic to get new clothes to wear while he/she is doing the curse removing ritual for you. I know one person who bought a new dishwasher so that the psychic could wash bottles for the oil in a dishwasher that had never been used.

Now you might think that all this sounds crazy. It is desperate. Sometimes in your life things get so terrible that you will go anywhere for help and relief. But, if the psychic you find wants more money then the advertised price of a reading, run, do not walk to the nearest exit. I don’t care how convincing he or she is, or how much they know about your life and your psyche or even your dead grandmother, you are are being scammed.

Every week for the past twenty-two years I have had calls to my business asking for help from some unfortunate soul who ran afoul of the faux-psychic scammer. Then I have to read for that victim, decide if there is a problem or not, and advise that person on how to proceed. Most of them are scared and nervous of me and of the revenge of the scammer. They have frequently been told that if they do not follow the faux-psychic’s instructions to the letter then things will only get worse.

In most states, the law will not prosecute this kind of scam. I’m not sure why, but it may have to do with not wanting to open a can of worms that might have anything to do with faith. It may also have everything to do with the law not wanting to be be bothered with anyone stupid enough to go to a psychic. After all, not everyone believes in us. Hard to believe, I know but there it is. I have had people come in, sit down for a reading and tell me that don’t believe I have any ability to tell them anything. Takes all kinds, right? Another reason that legal folks may want nothing to do with the faux-psychic scammers is that this kind of thing is hard to prove, rather a he said/she said situation. Regardless of why, if you get your hard earned money taken by one of these folks, you can expect precious little help from the authorities. Therefore you must protect yourself. Before you go for a psychic reading ask your friends who they use, Google “Best Psychic” in your area, call some of the metaphysical shops in your area usually they employ reputable folks. Do not go to a place that has a BIG RED HAND in the window.

Have I found clients who have had work done on them of a malevolent nature? I have, but very few. If I find evidence of a curse or a hex, then I give that person the instructions on how to remove the curse and the effects of it from their life. Keep in mind that  unless you have pissed off a practicing expert of the dark arts, the hex or spells that most people can conjure are fairly weak and will wear off in time. What happens is that the victim concentrates on the bad stuff that is happening to them and that just pulls in more bad stuff. The first question that I ask a person who shows up in my shop convinced they have been cursed is; “Who have you pissed off?” If they can’t think of anyone whom they have pissed off enough to curse them then I tell then there is no curse and we can move on from there.

As a side note, no one can do a spell for you that will be as effective as one you can do for yourself. Why is that? Very simple. No one can be as emotionally invested in your problem as you. Spells, like prayers, are fueled by emotion. The situation is yours, you are emotionally vested in the outcome, therefore you and any only you can pour the juice into the spell to make it work! Don’t pay anyone to do spells for you or say prayers for you. Do it yourself. If you don’t know how, reach out to someone who does, read, Google. I have turned down a lot of money over the years from folks who wanted me to do spells for them. Hell, maybe I’m stupid. But I sleep alright.

In short, protect yourself; wear a rain coat on cloudy days, take your vitamins, don’t eat fried food, use a condom and do your homework before you go to a psychic. You’ll thank me for this.



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