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So I have had a strange offer, and get your minds out of the gutter, it’s not that kind of an offer. A producer wants to tape a reality show pilot about life in a metaphysical shop. At first I thought I would be crazy to do such a thing, then I called a few psychics that I know and asked them to read for me. Dorothy Morrison in Virginia told me I was crazy not to do it. Kim Diamond in Vegas saw money and she wants in. Star in Asheville saw goods things as well but cautioned me to get an entertainment lawyer.

So now I have said yes we will be willing to be filmed, I have committed to this thing and I can’t sleep at night. I want it to go well, I want all of us who work here to appear smart and real. That is the problem, reality TV really isn’t very real you know. It also has a tendency to make fun of people or to make people look stupid, it has to have drama.  I can only hope that the drama that passes through our doors every day will be enough to make the producers and ultimately the audience happy. But I know that in truth we are competing with the Honey Boo-Boos and duck calls guys and any number of other really stupid programs that pass for entertainment in this world. I don’t think we can be so vapid. At least I sincerely hope not.

My children all want to participate,thank god I thought they might run away and change their names. My cousin wants to come up from Atlanta and partner with my son-in-law so they can set up in a corner of the shop and be the two grumpy old men from the Muppet Show. They could totally pull that off too because they are hysterical. Those two alone would make the show worth watching.

Still I am a bit put off by some of the questions that have been asked by the producers I have spoken with such as; “This is a family owned business how do you all get along? Do you fight and argue? Does anyone ever storm out after an argument? Do you yell at each other or call each other names?”  After a few stunned seconds of thought I answer, “Uh no, this is a family owned business and we all have our ideas of how things need to be done but really this is a metaphysical, spiritual business and we try to be peaceful.”  I am almost sure this is not the droids they are looking for, you know?

Maybe I am getting as bit ahead of myself here, the pilot might not sell, it could be that no one will watch it, we might suck. I think we are funny and entertaining and our customers are interesting. But let’s face it, we ain’t the Kardashians, thanks god. Still, I am excited and nervous. We are running around the shop like crazy people; cleaning, painting, rearranging and moving things into different configurations.

I guess no matter what happens, the shop will be clean and all the projects that I have been meaning to get to will be gotten too. And maybe, just maybe, we will all get famous instead of being so damn infamous as we are now!


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