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I think I am finally recovered from the six days I spend in the woods at the Pagan Unity Festival last week-end. I am still a little tired and I attribute that to being old. We bought stuff, packed stuff, hauled stuff, herded people, danced, sang, went to class, cooked, bought more stuff, laughed and cried.

I believe that it is the finest thing that  I do. Every year people come to me and tell me how their lives have been forever altered because they spent a week-end at PUF. That makes me cry and makes my heart leap up in joy. It is why we bust our humps every year for months in advance and try and figure out ways to correct out flaws for months afterward.

For those of you who have never gone to a Pagan festival, it is several days of workshops, rituals, food, music and silliness. We had amazing authors and workshop facilitators this year, as we do every year. We are a kid friendly, family oriented festival, but after midnight all the folks under 18 are chased away from the bonfire so the adults can dance and get silly. 

Did we make everyone happy? No we did not but we tried. Did we drop a few things between the cracks? Yes we did. We are working to fix the problems and make PUF even better next year.

Thanks to my amazing staff, without you there is no PUF. Know that you change people’s lives and give them hope and joy. That is mighty and so are you all.

Thanks to everyone who presented a workshop, they were all wonderful and people loved them.

Thanks to our VIPs, Oberon Zell, Raven Grimassi, Stephanie Taylor, Christopher Penczak, Dorothy Morrison, M.R. Sellars, Mark Mandrake and Byron Ballard. You are the best and I honor you.

I want to thank everyone who came. You have changed my life for the better.




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