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Writing am hard work

So you think writing is easy work huh? You think it’s all about throwing words at paper and then you go have a smoke and a glass of bourbon right?  Well let me tell you a thing or two about that. Writing is for crazy people. First you have some sort of an idea and then you put it on paper, or a screen in my case, then you read it to yourself, then you criticize your words, then you delete everything, then you rewrite it because the idea in your head won’t go away until you write it down, then you read it and rewrite again and again and again. Did you know that writers also seem to be anal retentive perfectionists too. True, we are.   Oh yea did I say that the words in your head beat on you from the inside until you let them out and give them a life of their own? Well they do. We tend to use too many commas as well. It makes you crazy.

The words wake you up in the middle of the night and demand that you WRITE THEM DOWN! It makes you crazy.

After all that you send you new birthed and beloved baby out in to the world and into the hands of a publisher, who does not love your baby, and sends you a rejection letter! It makes you crazy.

If you finally get published then you have to worry and wonder if anyone besides your mother will buy your book, or will there just be more rejection. That keeps you up at night. It makes you crazy.

So writing is about repetitive actions that you continue to do and where you expect to get different results, voices in your head and setting yourself up for rejection and criticism. Only someone soft in the head would do it. Really I should know. It makes you crazy.

I guess the only questions is; does writing make one crazy or is one already crazy before a pen is ever touched?


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